Upcoming Shows

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Booking: info@vanillapresley.com

The biggest reminder that art doesn’t pay, is seeing a tow truck here three times in the past month. https://t.co/nEl8GrIyX6 vanillapresley photo

Oh you think you’re having fun at the show? Well, you ain’t having fun like PAT! https://t.co/ZdoApkEehU vanillapresley photo

Tonight at 8PM: The Vanilla Presley stand up and comedy rap showcase! Just $5. Stand up + Freestyles. https://t.co/yVR4gWtluK vanillapresley photo

For a moment, this appeared to be a very confusing Ally ad. https://t.co/2eXqwIg1vv vanillapresley photo

This Friday at Kick Butt Cafe. VP Stand Up Showcase: Nikita Redkar Freshman Class edition. You’ve got your stand up, and you’ve got your rappers rappin’ about your stand up. What don’t ya want? $5 at the door. Doors open at 7PM. https://t.co/Sf0IWPzC5X vanillapresley photo

MORE FREESTYLES. We’ve heard you and we get it, so come to this show and stop crying. @nikitaredgirl Freshman Class Edition. Comics perform stand up and then we freestyle about the stand up! Just $5 at the door. Kickbutt Cafe. Friday June 21st at 8. Doors open at 7. https://t.co/hwtGK4pMjr vanillapresley photo