Upcoming Shows

Please check our Twitter feed below for upcoming shows.

Booking: info@vanillapresley.com

Tonight at 8PM. VP is performing at Buzzmill @ 7th and Shady. Free show! We’re preparing multiple Slim Shady references and roast beef tags for @savearhino Come out! https://t.co/5JdAL1uukJ vanillapresley photo

Wow, what an amazing show last night. How do we do it? 10 minutes of all-important calisthenics, 6 hours before the show. Don’t let other rappers tell your otherwise. #raptalk https://t.co/YNiuIuTJQk vanillapresley photo

Tonight at 9 @spiderhouseatx VP is performing a new version of Dumb Dude’s Anthem. It’s now 20% dumber, addressing things like penis enlargement and the University of Phoenix - all on a need-to-know dumb-dude basis. https://t.co/g8OQZTLnly vanillapresley photo

Celebrate Christmas like VP - 2 days later at Live at Coldtowne! Tonight at 10PM at Coldtowne Theater for Just $10! @mllecarina ‘s last night hosting and a stacked line up. Not to be missed! We’ll be rappin’ our new song about 2019 whose shelf life seems very promising. https://t.co/csTgzgYiY4 vanillapresley photo

Monday at 8:30 at Baker Street with DJ Mr.Brown Sounds! https://t.co/jUr9VoJcp0 vanillapresley photo