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Vanilla Presley Headlines Mr. Fest
Vanilla Presley Headlines Mr. Fest


Vanilla Presley Headlines Mr.Fest

“Comedy at Vodka Street during MR Fest. I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of this. This is my first year at MR Fest and first time listening to a line-up of just comedians. I saw comedians of all shapes and sizes, literally. They all brought different jokes from their very strange and funny lives. The laughs started at 5:30 p.m. and were slow at first. It makes total sense because the first few people here were just the volunteers and the bartender. The openers, well, are the openers for a reason. During my research, some comedians were harder to find than others. Not saying they are necessarily bad, they are just warming up the crowd with their hit-and-sometime miss jokes. As the line-up worked its way to the headliners, the crowd trickled in and became rather large. The venue, Vodka Street, is rather large so there were plenty places to sit. At some points during the show, most of the chairs were taken. That was surprising to see. Like I said, wasn’t sure what to expect –forgive me.” Via KTSW 89.9

MR Fest Comedians Pack the House at Vodka Street

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