New Movement Theater: The Lane Krarup Interview

The New Movement Lane Krarup Interview

Lane Krarup, longtime producer of such shows as The Never Ending Comedy Contest and The Comedian Rap Battle Authority, sits down for an interview with The New Movement Theater.

Lane Krarup (@LaneKrarup) is a TNM comedian, rapper, co-host of theStoryFellers podcast, and pretty cool guy. We asked him our standard questions, and he gave some awesomely non-standard answers.

If you’d rather watch than read, scroll down to check out Lane as one-half of comedy rap duo Vanilla Presley!

Tell us about a time when you really didn’t think you were going to pull it off.

The Comedian Rap Battle Authority, a show that I put on with fellow comic Pat Sirois, was a big “what if” for us.

Was a rap battle with comedians something that anyone wanted to see? Chris Trew and Rob Gagnon believed in it and gave us a shot.It’s now a regularly sold-out show for us.

It’s our favorite show at the theater because it combines standup, comedic rap songs, and rap battles.



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